Who Wrote the Book of Love?


A toothpaste commercial, three friends and a tennis ball rhythmically banging against a garage door inspired the 1958 hit by The Monotones entitled, “Who Wrote the Book of Love?”

That same question has been asked for a couple of thousand years about a much more important book of love.

Before we dive into the Daniel prophecies, we are going to shed some light upon the dating of its writing as well as some very solid, corroborated, and trusted evidence on why we can believe and trust the book of God’s love for His people, a.k.a. the Bible.

The Bible is the number one best-selling book ever. It is the, but least read most beloved, but also most hated, most praised, but also most criticized, most quoted, but also most misquoted.

On Sunday, July 24, we will explore how Daniel can help us answer “Who wrote the book of Love?”

We will also briefly compare the Bible with some of the sacred text of other major religions and see which one rises head and shoulders above all other sacred texts.