Turn the Page


In the early 1970’s Bob Seger wrote a song about life on the road where the dawn of a new day meant you turned the page.

Daniel chapter 6 marks the “turning of the page” for the book. The first half of the book is a historical narrative that covers 5 kings, two kingdoms and approximately 70 years.

Chapter 7 is the beginning of some of the greatest and controversial biblical prophecies contained in the canon of scripture.

They are controversial because of their greatness. Daniel’s prophecies are great in chronologic scope ranging from just a few years to the end of time. They are great in their specifics and details.

The detail of his predictions of future events are so accurate that some scholars and historians say it is impossible for man to do it. In their disbelief they have created scenarios that call into question the dating of the writing of the book.

Daniel would agree wholeheartedly with the skeptics. He would proclaim from the rooftops man cannot do that, which is exactly what he told Nebuchadnezzar about the dream.

It is only God who can do such things. Get ready to scale the mountaintops of prophecy as we dive into the rest of Daniel.