Women’s Group

Room #2

Deb Kiser and Fran Slenbaker lead this group for women. They encourage and challenge each other as they study topics that relate directly to building a strong faith in Jesus through all of life’s stages.

Wired Word

Room #3

John Schmidt leads this class, which utilizes a current event as a starting point for a heavily bible based discussion. The Wired Word email is sent weekly and contains the topic for the week.

Discipleship Class

Room #4

Ken Snodgrass leads this group which focuses on topics for new Christians. While they have a few seasoned believers, the class is mostly new believers. They are currently using a 52 week lesson book investigating “categories of doctrine.”  As they delve into a particular category, they look at the question, “What is God’s mind?”

Bible Study

Fellowship Hall

Shelby Tolson guides the members through a series of quarterly studies based on books of the Bible. The group shares prayer needs, looks at scripture in light of biblical history, and discuss the application of scripture today.

Young Women’s Group

Quiet Room

Samantha Vernago and Kaycie Kelly lead this group of women. The group works through a study book while encouraging members in their relationships with Christ. The group is geared toward women who already graduated high school to those who consider themselves still in the young phase of life. 
(Group to begin in June ’24)