Where is Jesus?


No one likes waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I don’t mind under one condition; the waiting room has a “Where’s Waldo?” book. Time flies when I search for the glasses and hat. I know he’s there but is hiding from my gaze.

Jesus is in every book of the Bible. From the very beginning, and even before, it has always been about Jesus.

So, where is Jesus in the book of Daniel? All over the place. He is in dreams, he is in the clouds, he is in the flames, he is in the lion’s den.

Jesus is in almost every page of Daniel, around every corner. Just like in Daniel, so it is in our lives.

The next question is, do you see him?  In every phase, every season, and even every day of your life, He is there.

Not only is He there, He is exactly what you want and has exactly what you need.

  • Are you afraid? He is your protection.
  • Are you confused? He is your wisdom.
  • Are you lost? He is your guidance.
  • Are you weak? He is your strength.

Look for him, wait upon him, and listen for Him. God grant us the eyes to see you, the ears to hear you, and the courage to follow you.