Today’s culture has made it fashionable to bash, ridicule and even cancel. It is so fashionable it could almost be considered a recreational sport or hobby.

Christianity, organized religion, and evangelicals (C.O.R.E.) have not escaped these fiery arrows of ridicule. Now, there are times the C.O.R.E. should be criticized and held accountable for atrocities, cover ups and outright wrongdoing.

While yes, the C.O.R.E. has gotten it wrong in some major areas, and needs to own it, Christianity and the followers of Christ have had a timeless impact upon society, culture and the world.

Followers of Christ and the church are historically at the forefront of major movements of positive societal change. Christianity is responsible for many of the world’s greatest universities and hospitals.

When natural disasters have struck, it is the followers of Christ who, without fanfare, rush toward the storm to offer help and hope to hurting people.

It is also the followers of Christ who were the very first to fight for the rights of children. While Romans were literally throwing children away at the dump, it was the Christ followers who were there in hiding to take the children and raise them as their own.

No other faith in history has had more impact upon the world than those who believe that the carpenter’s son from Nazareth is the real deal.