As we approach the wrap up of our
“UNIQUE” worship series I want to direct our
attention to a couple of other ways
Christianity is UNIQUE in the world religion

“The Outsiders”, a 1983 coming of age cult
classic movie depicts what too often happens
when different people types interact:
misunderstanding, hatred and even violence.

Jesus does not teach his followers to ignore,
hate or even conquer those who are
different. His calls us to love: “love your
enemies. Pray for those who persecute you.”
That is an entirely UNIQUE approach to those
who are different and on the outside.

Most religions adopt a policy of ignoring
those who are on the outside. Others take it
a step further and say the enemy must be
conquered and forced to adapt to their way
of thinking.

Jesus’ words and strategy are so counter cultural
they are often dismissed or even
misinterpreted. To love someone doesn’t
mean we condone everything they do. It
sometimes means we must tell them the
truth in a way they can understand that we
have their best interest in mind.

Our world today is deeply divided with the
two sides casting insults across the aisle. It is
also deceived as to what true love is.

As followers of Christ our call is not to ignore,
but love; not to judge, but walk with, and
follow the words of Jesus when He said,
“Father forgive them they don’t know what
they do.”