Have you ever read the small tag on the inside back of a garment of clothing? What about the instructions on an item that reads “some assembly required?” Guys, what about asking for help finding something in the store?

I will invest valuable time in search of an elusive product instead of asking for help. Guys don’t ask for directions. I offer the futile excuse of, if I find it myself, I have accomplished something and I know the layout of the land so much better for my next adventure. Yeah, I hear you, it’s foolish male pride.

Fact of the matter is this, when assembling a product, it will always go better when looking at how the maker of the product said to assemble it. It is always better when washing a garment to follow the little tag that says wash in cold water only, dry clean only, and hang dry or on low heat. It is always better not to put a cup/mug in a microwave that has imprinted on the bottom “not for microwave use.” Trust me on this, I have learned from experience.

When it comes to life, we have an owner’s manual, we have manufacturer’s directions, and hopefully we know by now: LIFE IS LIVED BEST WHEN YOU FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S DIRECTIONS.”