As Immanuel walks through Genesis 1-11 in a worship series called “The Prequel” the question of the reliability of the Bible will certainly be asked, whether silently or out loud. That’s OK and even welcomed.

Of all the sacred scripture of various religions throughout history, the Bible stands head and shoulders above every other one.

Almost all other “sacred scripture” was written by one person over a relatively short period of time. The Bible was written over a period of 1500 years by over 40 authors.

Most other “sacred scripture” is written in one genre, while the Bible is composed of at least four different genres: Historical, poetic, personal letter and biographical.

The Bible is also the most verifiable of all the “sacred scripture.” History, archeology, and science has given credence to the truth and veracity of this most holy of literature.

As we journey through some difficult times in our history and wonder how did we get to this place in our lives and in this world, look to “The Prequel.”

We can know so much more about ourselves and our world when we look at our roots, and where we came from.

Be part of “The Prequel” it just might answer some important questions.