The outcome of many a contest has been decided before the kickoff, first pitch, tip off, puck drop, opening bell or first shot.

The outcome is determined during the pre-contest preparation period, which many times is called practice.

Many coaches will tell their players practice makes perfect. While the thought is good, it is not entirely accurate. Perfect practice makes perfect. I would even go so far as to say, practice is not enough.  Preparation that can determine the outcome involves training. Training is more than practice. Training prepares you for when things don’t go as expected.

You cannot train in the heat of the battle. Training must happen before the action is live and the bullets are real.

Life will crumble like cotton candy in a child’s mouth. It is then too late to prepare. When it all goes to pieces you will rely on the habits, routines and disciplines you mastered in your daily training.

You must prepare for an emergency before the emergency. What does you daily spiritual training doing to prepare you for when it all goes south?

Is your training laying a foundation for when you get the wrong diagnosis, someone is gone, you are laid off or the invisible enemy has hit you in the gut? Prepare now!