There is no denying the great exodus of young people from the church. The numbers are staggering and sobering.

The answers to try and stop the tidal wave have been innovative and multi-faceted.

What if I told you there was one place, one thing that could turn the tide? Would you
be willing to invest in that one thing?

Data from a Promise Keepers/Baptist Press survey revealed this…

If this one thing does not happen 1 child in 50 will become a regular worshiper. That is 2%.

If this does happen, 66-75% will be a regular worshiper.

What is the one thing? The male, the father, the husband. When he is active in his faith and the leader, there is a 3 in 4 chance those children will follow his footsteps into adulthood.

No wonder there has been an all-out assault on manhood. For years the government has quietly given financial incentive for families to not have a father present.

Entertainment and media have attacked masculinity as toxic, portrayed males as buffoons. Why? The Evil One.

The best thing for the next generation is for the men of this generation to lead like Jesus. Stand for truth and love like Jesus.