When we think of the gifts that God provided at creation, the top three are usually a…

  • World that provides everything we need
  • Work that is meaningful
  • Woman to walk with

The greatest gift He gave us was Himself.
The most overlooked gift was pain, yes pain. We don’t normally think of pain as a gift, nor do we think of it existing before the fall and resultant curse, but it is, and it did.
One consequence for Eve’s part of the fall is that her pain in childbearing will be increased. That means pain existed before the fall, and means it is good. Pain is a gift because it alerts us to something that needs attention.
God uses pain to get our attention. It doesn’t matter if it is physical or emotional pain. God used it to alert us that something’s amiss. Physical pain means we are either sick or injured.
I know it sounds messed up, but it is a God given privilege to hurt. The pain of loss means we had the privilege to love.
So whatever pain you are experiencing or will experience, remember it could be God’s way of letting you know you are about to learn something or grow deeper in your walk with Him.