Fable, Myth or History


As we walk through Genesis there are questions that will naturally arise, whether we voice them or not. Questions like:

  • Where did wives for Seth and Cain come from?
  • Why are Cain’s descendants mentioned after the flood if all mankind was destroyed?

The ancient Jewish historian, Josephus, cites a story that had been passed down through generations that Adam and Eve has close to 60 children. That may also be a “conservative tradition.” Consider if Adam and Eve had a child every two years and we read that Adam died at the age of 930. With that math they could have had at least 100 children.

Cain’s descendants are mentioned post-flood probably because one of Noah’s daughters-in-law was a descendant of Cain.

One more thing about the flood and its historicity. Genesis describes what happened as this: “all the underground waters erupted from the earth, and the rain fell in might torrents from the sky.” The fossil record and even the geological record that can be viewed in the walls of the Grand Canyon support this sudden eruption of water, and a world-wide flood.

As time goes by, we are discovering more and more reasons why the Bible is an historical document that can be trusted.