What Did You Discover?


One of the most asked questions from parents to children: “What did you learn today?” Most of the answers go something like this: “Nothing” or “I don’t remember.” I have even heard some say, “Why am I learning this, I will never need it in real life?”

Genesis 1-11, at first glance, may not seem relevant to what is happening in our world. I beg to differ because it is very relevant.

In our “Origin Story” or “Prequel” we discovered some foundational truths upon which life and society should be built:

  • God is the eternal creator of the universe and therefore we are not accidents.
  • Humans, male and female, are created in His image and should be treated as such.
  • Marriage and family are the foundation of society and should be honored.
  • We are born as sinners, with a natural inclination to rebel against God.
  • Sin is ultimately destructive and will control us if we let it.
  • God offers mercy and grace, even in the face of evil.
  • God makes a covenant with His people that He will never break.

I can sum it up in one phrase: “Life should be lived according to the creator’s instructions.”