Jesus’ simple question of “Can I have a drink?” transformed an entire village. Of
course, the water Jesus was talking about didn’t come out of the ground, or a faucet.
It was him, the source of LIVING WATER. Regular water can be that powerful too, and
also transform a village.

The medical field tells us that we can survive only three days without water. Lack
of water in our body can do catastrophic things to our health.

In America, we don’t grapple with that. If we want water, we turn on the faucet or
open the fridge and get bottled world. We too often take that for granted.

Did you know that 703 million people lack basic access to clean water? Also, more
than 820,000 are estimated to die each year due to water related issues. Lack of water
access also presents physical dangers in the forms of animal and human predators.
Clean sustainable water, in the form of a well, still transforms communities and even
opens them to being able to hear about the Living Water of Jesus.

Quoting Living Waters International:
“Everything begins with water. Water is the foundation of all sustainable development.
It impacts every aspect of life: hygiene and sanitation, mental and social well-being,
justice issues for women and children…”

Let’s join together and bring Living Water and help transform a community.