We have all been asked “loaded questions.” You know, the ones where no matter what
your answer is, it won’t be right- or it will get you into trouble. “Does this dress make
me look fat?” (No good answer). “Is that woman prettier than me?” (“No”. “Oh, so
you think she is pretty?”)

Jesus had two men following Him down a road. He turned to them and asked a rather
intriguing question: “What are you looking for?”

That may be a loaded question, but it really is one we MUST answer. Having a hard time
answering it? If you will, let me give you a little direction on how you can truthfully
answer it.

Where do you spend most of your money, time, energy, thoughts, and daydreams?
What would you drop everything for….to make sure you were present… to do
something…. for an experience?

What will you not change your schedule for or make sure you don’t miss?

How you answer those questions will point you in the direction of what you are seeking
or looking for. The most common answers are money, pleasure, power, popularity,
and security.

Once Jesus’ earliest followers answered His question, He answered it with a challenge:
“Come and see.”

They received more than they bargained for or could have dreamed. It is always that
way when we take a long walk with Jesus.