The 3D experience led movies to a new level of excitement. With much anticipation, I slipped on the cardboard glasses with the blue and red plastic lenses.

These “masterpieces” of technology promised to add depth to the usual height
and width to the two-dimensional screen.

While not perfect, the glasses did bring the movie screen to life. I jumped when I
thought the arrow was going to split my forehead. I may have even felt my head to
see if I was bleeding.

While not pleasant, the 3D seasons of our lives can bring a depth to our relationship
and understanding of God’s love, grace, faithfulness, and provision. The 3D’s are
days, or seasons, of DRY times, DIFFICULT situations and feelings of being DESERTED.

It is in the 3D times we have the opportunity to experience the LORD at a
new and profound level. As a result, we can experience the DEPTH of His love, patience,
grace and mercy.

There is one caveat to obtaining this DEPTH. We must mind our prepositions: IN,

We must stay IN, not give UP, and continue taking one step AT a time. Don’t turn
AROUND, keeping following the footsteps of the One who died for you.

And this reminds me of the most important step in our journey: THE NEXT ONE. Just
keep walking, just keep walking.