Useless arguments…Toilet paper: over the top or from the bottom? Toilet seat: up or down? Toothpaste tube: squeezed or rolled? Greatest anything of all time? Jesus’s disciples, at the worst times
possible, argued over whom among them was and would be the greatest. This wasn’t
just a one-time occurrence, it was multiple times.

The argument wasn’t about who would accomplish great things, it was about who would be considered great. They coveted place, power, and prestige.

James, Jesus’ half-brother, gives us some insight into why this was/is an argument. Under God’s inspiration, he said many quarrels arise out of our selfishness desires (4:1-3).

They wanted to be seen as great in the world’s eyes. The disciples coveted the perks of power. Jesus, knowing their hearts and real desires, drew a comparison of what it means to be great in the world’s eyes
versus great in the eyes of His kingdom. His answer to their argument could be boiled down to two words: Humble Servant. Humble: Not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.

Servant: One who sets aside their desires for the welfare of others. We all are servants to something or
someone. So, borrowing a phrase from Max Lucado, “Are you a servant to the applause of man, or for the applause of heaven?”