Treasury agents are trained to spot  counterfeit bills by knowing the real  currency so well it can spot a counterfeit,  but they are also taught the techniques of  counterfeiters to supplement their  knowledge. In our next Faith Defender’s University, we will explore what makes Christianity  unique among a number of world  religions. The core beliefs of our Christian  faith will be explained and then set next to  the beliefs of a number of other religions.  The religions we will comparatively study  are Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jehovah  Witness and Mormonism. Throughout the group, we will look at  what makes Christianity unique from every  other major religion of the world. Hint:  There are a number of them. The next class in FDU will begin on… WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 AT 7:07 PM  The format will be hybrid. We can host  some people as in-person, but we will also  open it as a ZOOM class for anyone to  attend, from anywhere. This session of FDU will prepare you for  when a Jehovah Witness or Mormon knock  on the door. The class will also equip you  to explain why you believe what you  believe.