Professional athletes, referring to playoff performance, call it taking their game to the next level. To go to the “Next Level” means doing something a little different, whether it is adding or taking something away. In Easter preparation, many people took something away (fasting) to go the Next Level. During “FOREVER” I want to challenge us to take our faith walk to another level by adding something to our spiritual discipline: STUDY. This week I will share with you via video, announcements, email, and the weekend edition of the Beacon, much of my FOREVER research resources so you can take your understanding of eternal life, heaven and FOREVER to the “Next Level.” You will be glad you did. Come with me to the “Next Level.” SPECIAL CALLED BUSINESS MEETING This Sunday, April 11, immediately following the 11:00 AM worship service, we will hold a special called business meeting for the purpose of authorizing Deanna Leady to sign loan documents as the representative for the trustees. Honored to be your Pastor, PJ