Maps that have the “You are Here” features are so helpful. Knowing your starting point can help you navigate any journey. It is always easier to know where you are going, when you know from where you have come.

If humans originated from a cosmic accident, evolutionary process, or spontaneous combustion; what meaning is there to life? What intrinsic value do we have?

On the other hand, when we are the handiwork of an intelligent, powerful, supernatural being we are born with purpose, value and worth.

Our origin charts the course for our future. That sounds nice. Throughout history many educated people have viewed that as wishful thinking and Pollyanna. One even says that belief is a crutch for the weak.

I get that, because if it isn’t true and we are just creatures formed from the primordial ooze the critics are absolutely right.

But what does the evidence say? What is the most reasonable explanation of where we come from? Where does the science take us?

Many in the scientific field are concluding that this world and its’ inhabitants are not the results of an accident but the handiwork of a master creator.

Where we come from makes a huge difference in how we live. Where are you from?