I cannot overestimate how important THE POWER FIVE questions and worship series that begin October 1 are. I hear you: Why are these “POWER 5” questions so important? What’s the big deal with a worldview anyway?

The quick answer: If you don’t know what you stand for you will fall for anything.

Let me superficially break it down if I may. If we don’t know how the world got here, then how can we properly answer questions of meaning and purpose?

If we don’t know where humans came from and why they are here, people simply become a means to an end. We view others as disposable when they become inconvenient.

If there is no higher being to which we are accountable life is a selfish pursuit of pleasure, exploitation and a “what’s in it for me” mindset.

If we don’t know our possible ultimate destination, then how do we know how-to live-in preparation for it?

Make no mistake, worldview is not an academic pursuit for those who sit in ivory towers. It is what directs our lives, our communities, countries and even world.

When we embrace a false worldview, destruction and devastation await. When we don’t embrace one based upon revealed truth and know why we embrace it, we will fall for anything. Do you think that is happening? Just look around.