It’s all a matter of perspective. Sometimes situations and experiences can be completely different, depending upon your perspective. Depending upon how you look and from where you look at it can make a world of difference.

The early church’s first power couple, Priscilla and Aquia, had a good handle on perspective.

Due to persecution from the Roman Empire the couple led a nomadic life. They lived in
Rome, then changed neighborhoods to Corinth, followed by a stay in Ephesus before
returning to Rome. That does not mention the little pit stops along the journey.

If Priscilla and Aquila had adopted a “me centered” perspective, life could have
become more miserable with each move to a new town and new place.
Instead of “ME,” they adopted a “HE” centered perspective. By that, it was a “He’s
up to something” mindset.

With each move and as persecution grew in intensity, it reminded them that this place
was not their home. Instead of “woe is ME” it was what can HE have us do here?

Even today we are the beneficiaries of a couple that took a HE perspective to life. Are
you in the HE camp or the ME camp? The differences in the outcome of those two
types of lives is so far apart it can be eternal. Remember it is just a matter of perspective.