You drop a fragile valuable. It is “shattered” into pieces lying on the floor; ruined and damaged beyond repair. What do you do?

A significant relationship ends. All you have left is a broken heart; “shattered” into a million pieces, seemingly never to be put back together again. Now what?

Those are two ways to describe what is wrong with the world. God created us in His image. He formed us to walk with Him in perfect union and love. Yet, we broke that union with our willful disobedience. The
image of God in humans has been “shattered” beyond human repair.

With that act of disobedience, death invaded our midst- the death of innocence, the death of intimacy. Once pure hearts are now “deceptive above all things.”

What’s the solution to this dilemma in which we find ourselves? We can try and fix it ourselves, but that won’t work. It is beyond human repair.

The only option is to look to the One who started everything. Go to the Author of the story. The good news? He did not give up on us. He did not discard us to the trash heap.

No, the uncaused, first cause (Our Heavenly Father) redeemed and restored us. For those who repent and turn back to Him all things become new. A new heart, a new start and a new life, all because of Jesus.
“Shattered” no more.