Is Our Origin Historical?


Genesis is our Prequel, our origin story. It tells the story of how we got here, but is it historical, legend or myth? The discourse and debate will continue through all of history. You must decide for yourself. As you do, consider the following interesting calculations I came upon.

The account of Noah tells us God instructed him and his family to be fruitful and multiply. How long it would take to populate the world with 7 billion people, our current population.

If you started with an initial population of 8 adults and calculated the average annual growth rate, which according to several sources is approximately 1%, it would take those 8 adults around 4100 – 4200 years to reach a population of 7 billion. If you plug the same equation into a model of 230,000 years, the world population would have 88 digits. That results in an uninhabitable planet.

Why do I share these math equations, when I am not even remotely a fan of math? It gives a plausible, mathematical, and scientific theory that Genesis is an historical document and much more than just a myth, fairy tale or urban legend.

There are still valid arguments for other interpretations, but more and more science and faith are no longer mutually exclusive, but rather partners.