Gifts, while amazingly wonderful and fun to give and receive, can be dangerous. The better the gift, the more dangerous is the double-edged sword, in that they can bring great fulfillment, but they can also usher in havoc and destruction to life.

As parents, we give our children the gift they most wanted. The gift captivates our kids to the point that they are playing with it constantly. Our kids love the gift so much, it consumes their time.

Before long, they are no longer interacting with family and friends, instead their faces are buried in a screen or whatever the attraction the gift possesses.

It can be that way in our relationship with God. He gives us great gifts and blessings. They are so good that the temptation is to seek the gifts and their benefits to the exclusion of the one who gave the gifts. We end up worshipping the gift instead of the gift giver. The Bible calls that idolatry.

Remember, no matter how great the gift, it pales in comparison to the Giver of the gift. This Christmas season make sure we don’t confuse who is God and should be worshipped. Remember the gift is not the giver, just a blessing from the one who loves us.

Let’s seek the face of the giver and not the screen of the gift.