In the December 5 message, we discovered that “peace” is so much more than détente, or a cessation of violence. The biblical world “shalom” is about wholeness, completeness, and a well-being in any and all circumstances. This type of peace is a gift given from God.

Paul told believers that “if possible, as much as it depends upon you live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18)

While that peace starts as a gift from God, Paul instructs us, as far as it is possible, to pass it on to others. The best way to do that is to treat others the same way that God treats us and how we want to be treated.

One of the biggest “peace blockers” is how we judge each other. Too often we judge others solely by their actions, even if those actions are a “one off” or out of character. On the other hand, we want and expect others to judge us by our motives. Doesn’t God say He knows our heart and judges us by what’s inside a person?

If God grants us that privilege, shouldn’t we therefore extend it to those in our lives? This Advent season do whatever we can to pass on the peace of God to others by taking the extra step to walk in their shoes and get to know their hearts before we cast judgment.