The Bobby Fuller Four recorded a song in 1966. The Clash did a cover of it in 1979.
The song is “I Fought the Law and the Law Won.” Rock-n-Roll history is full of songs
that talk about fighting against “the law.”

Jesus also spoke on several occasions about fighting the law. It wasn’t a repudiation of
the law enforcement agency of Jerusalem; it was rather a challenge to defy the law of
physics… the law that talks of an equal and opposite reaction to a force.

Jesus challenged His followers to defy that law and not respond back in like manner
with the same force. Instead, He challenged His followers to…

  • Return evil with good
  • Pray for those who persecute you
  • Forgive those who hurt you

What Jesus taught was so counterculture in His day…and guess what? It still is!

Why would Jesus say to pray for, walk with, and forgive people who have inflicted
damage upon you? The first reason is that, when we do obey, we allow God to deal
with the situation the way He sees fit. That is the whole “vengeance is Mine” principle.

The second is because He cares about you. He understands and knows what happens
to people who carry the hurt, anger, and bitterness with them. It turns them into a
prisoner. Carrying those emotions around sucks the life out of you. So, follow Jesus’
words and set the prisoner free.