It’s so HARD? It takes so much time? I don’t like to read? It’s not always fun? There are
other things I want to do?

We all have the excuses for why we don’t do the hard things when it comes to our
walk with Christ. I bet almost every one of them boils down to one word: ME
Let me list several reasons why we should intentionally exercise the on-going
discipline of doing the hard things:

  • Health and future of your marriage
  • Your future spouse
  • Your children
  • Your future children
  • Your spiritual, physical, relational, and mental health
  • In the long run, it will be worth it (delayed gratification)
  • Greatness is never easy
  • To pass on Truth to the next generation
  • To give Jesus to the next generation
  • Set an example for our next generation
  • Preserve society and culture
  • Build His Kingdom
  • It honors God
  • It reflects the heart of the Father
  • He did hard things for you

Did you notice something? Minus one, they are not about you. Do the hard thing, practice generosity.