A one question quiz for you: Research tells us that, in many cases, a first-time guest will get a good idea, if they are coming back to that church…

  1. At the conclusion of the Pastor’s message
  2. When the worship team completes their “set”
  3. Within the first 8-10 minutes
  4. On the car ride home

The car ride home is usually where the guests confirm their already determined decisions. First-time guests are willing to give a worship team and pastor a second chance if they were “a little off” that Sunday.

Most guests determine if they will try a church again within the first ten minutes. What happens during that time that factors into their decision?

They are greeted, treated, directed, and seated. Are they greeted and treated warmly? Is the environment clean, friendly, and open? Are their children in a safe, friendly, and secure environment? Did they receive help in finding a comfortable seat?

All of this happens before a song is sung and the message is even started.

That’s how important the Welcome and Assimilation process is. This process is a not just for the team, but for everyone who calls Immanuel home. Remember guests are a gift from God.