Imagine the impact of a day when all people who call Immanuel home come together and serve our community in the name of Jesus with grace and truth.

The service projects can be to rake leaves, pick up trash, prayer walk, hand out water bottles & granola bars, deliver needed food or clothing items, change batteries in smoke alarms, change filter on HVAC units  or simply host a block party.

That day can make a hug impact on many homes and even multiple generations. The Community Outreach team is planning two of these days for 2023 but want to perform a “dress rehearsal” for Immanuelites to get our feet wet.

On Saturday, October 22 the team will conduct an In-house “Salt & Light” day. If you are interested in being a part of this day, please complete your connection and just write I want to help with Salt & Light Day on the back. You can also contact Tracie Robinson.

If you need some work done but are unable to do it by yourself you can also let us know of the work to be completed on that day (October 22).

Please let the church know by Sunday, October 15.

Let’s make this a truly church-wide event and impact our community for the sake of Jesus.