As time goes by (sometimes creeping by and often flying at break-neck speed), words evolve. What a word meant when I was young means something completely different now.

It seems like just a few years ago when a person asked for “tea” it usually was met with “sweet or unsweet.” Today when a young person asks for tea, they are regaled with all that is happening in their world.

Today a thread is a text conversation with
a group of people. When I was a student “threads” were the clothes that made up your wardrobe. “Great threads, Shultz” was not something I heard.

In his letter to the church in Ephesus (modern day Turkey), Paul instructed the Christ- followers to “put on” some things that will equip them to live a life that honors the One who redeemed them.

“Put on” can also be translated as “clothe yourself” or as I remember, our “threads”. In what threads do you daily clothe yourself?

In our battle against the invisible enemy (who seeks to destroy us from within using such weapons as shame, insecurity, compulsions, pain, heartache, bitterness and unforgiveness), Paul instructs us to clothe ourself with a new wardrobe-some new threads.

Maybe in some instances the phrase is true: “The clothes make the person.”