We are directionally challenged. Not just because GPS does the work for us. We are
challenged with the concept of in and out. Here is the principle:

“What we get OUT of something is in direct correlation to what we put IN.”

We say, “I have one of those bicycles, but it doesn’t work.” Is it being used more as a clothes hanger than for what it was created? … “Counseling doesn’t work.” Have you been putting into practice what you have discovered? … “Those lessons haven’t helped my golf game at all.” I wonder how many reps you have practiced with the drills designed to help. …“This new gadget just doesn’t seem to work right.” Did you read the manufacturer’s directions and follow them?

We say our life will never change; it will never get better. “I thought Jesus could make it better.” Again, I wonder and ask- are you following the directions, instructions, advice and teaching He has given?

Let me say this, Jesus is not a magical potion we can just pour on our lives. He is a person we trust with our lives. To trust means we listen, believe, follow, and use the gifts He has given us. He has equipped us with tools and promises that lead to an abundant life.

How much are we using the gifts, following His teaching, and trusting Him? Remember the principle of in and out.