When asked the question why you are a Christian, a good response is, “Christianity (The Biblical Worldview) is the best explanation for why things are the way they are”. The evidence for the validity of a
Biblical Worldview is mounting.

-The world was once thought to be eternal and steady; through science we now know it had a beginning and is expanding.

-The universe is finely tuned in such a way that the best explanation is an intelligent designer.

-Humans have within themselves a moral law written on their heart. Where did it come from? A moral law

If the most reasonable explanation for the origin of our universe is an intelligent creator that is strikingly like the God revealed in Christian scripture, what about what happens after we die? It is a question of destiny. Is there evidence for heaven and an afterlife? There has been an increase in the study of near-death experiences (NDE).

Once again, objective studies show some amazing similarities to what is described in Christian scriptures.
One such resource is the book called “Imagine Heaven” written John Burke. The mounting evidence that Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life is amazing. Where does the evidence lead you?