If you have been around the church for any length of time, you have no doubt heard about the importance of prayer.

Jesus practiced prayer. He left us a model we could use as an example. Throughout scripture, the prayers of God’s people have been recorded. Even Psalms, in a sense, is a prayer journal.

Yet, I firmly believe, that many of us, present company included, neglect this lifeline of the disciple’s life. Oh, we may pray, but I wonder what it is for what we are asking? Here is my challenge. Answer this question:

If God were to say yes to each of the requests you laid at his feet over a period of time, how would the world be changed?

Would you and your family live a comfortable, pain-free life? Would your “enemies” be taught a lesson, or would they experience God’s grace? Would He pour out His spirit upon you, your family and Immanuel because we repented of our sin and turned to him? Would God only be responding to your urgent requests to fix things, or would He be intentionally, systematically empowering the people in your life to know Him and be strengthened in the power of His might.

Try it and discover just what is important to you.