Our new worship series “FOREVER” kicks off on Easter Sunday, April 4. The idea of forever, eternal life and even heaven is boring to some and frightening to others. They myth and caricatures that surround heaven, such as floating forever on a cloud playing your harp, or being told we won’t know or recognize each other in heaven have added to that fear of the unknown.

In “FOREVER” we are going to look at eternity through the lens of God’s word. You will discover that eternity and heaven are nothing close to the myths we have been led to believe. When examined through the lens of Scripture you will grow excited and eager to experience all that Jesus is preparing for His followers. When an accurate belief in eternity is embraced the life we live on earth will be transformed.

Biblical answers to the questions of what, where, how, when and why of heaven will be explored and answered. If you want to change your life here on earth, then gain a proper perspective of what come hereafter.

Be part of “FOREVER” beginning on Easter, Sunday April 4. In person 9:30 & 11:00 AM.

Streaming live through our website or on Facebook at 11:00 AM.