Hosea’s story and message are certainly the picture of God’s LOYALTY to his people in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, for me, it is the Father that Jesus spoke about in Luke 15.

The father’s youngest son, believing he knew how best to live life, demanded his inheritance immediately. He wasted all of it on selfish endeavors. When everything was gone, as a last resort, the wayward son came back home to beg for mercy from his father.

When I think back to all of the times my attitude and actions challenged God’s loyalty to me, I shudder. There have been seasons I thought I knew better, told Him He was wrong and said no, not your way.

Yet, He has remained loyal. His steadfast love for me has never wavered, His mercy has been extended and His loving kindness always on display.

I wonder, are there areas in your life where your actions and attitudes are challenging God’s loyalty to you because you are demonstrating disloyalty to Him?

Please understand this: There are consequences for rebellion and disloyalty. The longer we live in rebellion, the greater the consequences.

Lean into and upon God’s steadfast love (hesed). He welcomes us with open arms. So come to the Father, again and again.