There is so much confusion and debate focused on tithing. Allow me to clarify just a bit.

A “biblical tithe” is the first 10% of a wage. The Bible declares the first-fruits, or the first 10%, as holy and should be returned to the God who provided it. (2 Chron 31:4-5 & Neh 10:35-37)

We wrongly call any gift we give to the church as a tithe. It is only a tithe when it is the first 10%. If it is not a tithe, it is a tip.

The 2019 Giving Report Institute research revealed that on average Christians give 2.5% of their income. The same survey also reveals that on average less the 25% of a congregation gives the Biblical tithe.

In the Old Testament the people of Israel, because of the tithe and other required offerings, gave on average approximately 23% of their income back to God for the work of the temple.

Jesus talked about treasures and hearts. He said where our treasure is, there we will find our heart. In other words, our devotion and loyalty. He then went on to say we cannot serve both God and money.

To help us demonstrate where our devotion lies, He has simply asked we declare that devotion with the first 10%.

Where is our heart? Are we a tipper or a tither?