When I was an avid movie goer, sequels were the rage. Rocky had Rocky II, III, IV and V. Stars Wars had The Empire Strikes Back. Ghostbuster had a 2. Lethal Weapon has two sequels. Recently, the pendulum seems to have swung and the prequel is popular.

Prequel is the background to the story. The Star Wars industry released a series of Star Wars prequels. Batman has a prequel that helps explain why Bruce Wayne is Batman. The prequel explains how things got to the way they are.

There is a prequel to the world in which we live, a prequel to…EVERYTHING. This prequel explains the origins of the universe, why the world is as it is. It also lets us know the way things were supposed to be, and it reveals a plan on how we can “get back to where we once belonged.”

The Prequel is found in Genesis 1-11. Our next worship series entitled, “The Prequel to…EVERYTHING” begins on Sunday, February 6.

It is a timely message series as we continue to shake our heads over the state of our world. It will put things into perspective, answer some questions, challenge us and most of all remind us why the follower of Christ has a hope that is secure, solid, and eternal. Set aside your Sundays as holy, which they already are and don’t miss a message of “The Prequel to…EVERYTHING.”