Memorial Day weekend is about remembering. We remember the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
To “remember” is Biblical. God commanded His people to intentionally remember certain times, events, and dates. Each time they would intentionally remember it would renew their faith and remind them that God is faithful.

On this Memorial Day, and in this political and social climate, it would do us good to remember some things. Here are some things I would challenge us to remember:·       

We are sinners and that sin separates us from God.   

We cannot earn, nor do we deserve, God’s grace and mercy.  

 If we can see them, they are not the enemy.   

God can be trusted, even when we can’t see His hand at work. One of the promises that we make in difficult times is “we will never forget.” Unfortunately, we are quick to forget the things we should remember.

This week, let us remember and say “thank you” not just to our American soldiers, but to God for His faithfulness and goodness. Thanks Father, you are a good, good Father.