OIKOS is NOT an evangelism strategy, or short-term emphasis. OIKOS is also not a program that can be plugged in and then unplugged.

OIKOS is a biblical principle upon which a life is built.

In Genesis 1-2, God gave Adam and Eve the task of “taking care” of the new world in which He placed them.

In Deuteronomy 6, God re-emphasized the importance of living a faithful and obedient life in your OIKOS and teaching them “as you go.”

Jesus sometimes told people He healed to not follow Him, but instead go back to your OIKOS and tell your story.

Acts records times when people went back to their households and told their story.

Once again, OIKOS is not a short-term program, emphasis, or strategy, it is a biblical principle upon which to build a kingdom-focused life. OIKOS is a lifestyle.

The OIKOS lifestyle is believing that God has placed you where you are today, tomorrow, and each day to change your world for the Kingdom.

Who will make a commitment to live an OIKOS life for the one who made you part of His eternal OIKOS?