History tells us there have been mighty movements of God that have transformed communities, cities and even nations. That same history also demonstrates they can happen at any time and any place, but there are some common denominators among the most historical of revivals.

Two of those denominators are a crucible event and persecution of the church. In the past, crucible events have been wars and overthrows of government.

Our world is currently on the backside of a crucible event: A Global pandemic. There is also growing persecution of the church in many areas of the world, increasingly so in our own country.

These two factors, among a host of others, tell us that there can be a reawakening of the church in the near future.

Are we ready for such a movement? Is there something we can do to facilitate and be part of a great movement of God? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES!

The first thing we can do is seek God’s face and ask Him to pour out His Spirit upon us as individuals, families, Immanuel and our community. Like the lyrics of the song, we sing: Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts. Let us be a generation that seeks His face.