The 4th line of the Men’s Alliance Creed:

“I am not too proud to ask for help.”

Easy to say, hard to do, especially when it comes to personal struggles. We don’t like to admit to struggles of any kind, because it might pop that social media persona we have carefully crafted.

Admit it or not, WE ALL STRUGGLE with an enemy that is insidious, ruthless, merciless and seeks to destroy us.

We struggle with an enemy that hounds us with questions like “Am I good enough?” “Is it worth it?” “Will I ever measure up?” “Would this world be better off without me?” “Will I ever get out of this mess?” “Can I ever get past this failure?” There are other questions, but space keeps it to just those.

The statistics on mental and emotional health are staggering. To borrow a line from Henry Thoreau:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

But amid the brokenness and pain there is hope and help in two sources: A Person and a thing. The person is Jesus. The thing is the ancient wisdom found in scripture.

For the next six Sunday at Immanuel, we are discovering how the enemy within is conquered and overcome. I invite you to be part of this crucial worship series as we together conquer the enemy within.