Today we celebrate the two greatest of all time. No, it is not Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Jack Nicklaus, or Babe Ruth.

The two greatest we are celebrating are a day and a person. The day is known as Easter or Resurrection Day.

The person is Jesus of Nazareth. He was the son of a carpenter; His father was mysteriously absent from His life after the age of 12. He never owned a house, traveled more than 30 miles from His hometown, held political office or (possibly) even held a job.

Yet, there is no doubt that this man, who lived over two-thousand years ago, is the most influential person in history. Think of it this way- there have been more hospitals and schools, of all levels, founded in His name than all others combined. More songs and books have been written about Him than all other persons combined. Some of the top scientists and mathematicians in history give Jesus the credit for their inspiration.

Yes, there have been evil charlatans who have profited and hurt others in His name, but that is not his fault, and they might have hell to pay for what they did.

Jesus taught and lived like no other man in history. He predicted and did what no other man in history has done. He beat death. With all of that, isn’t Jesus someone you at least need to check out?