My Mom instantly fell in love with pelicans when my parents moved to Gulf Shores, AL. I must admit I also enjoyed watching the birds as they glided above the gulf waters in search of the next meal. “Finding Nemo” forever changed my perception of pelicans with the birds’ repeated chants of “mine, mine, mine…” I saw myself in the Nemo version of the pelican.

Hunters discovered the quickest and easiest way to capture monkeys: Use their greed against them. The hunter would place a “tasty morsel” in a coconut with a hole cut in its shell large enough to get an open paw in but small enough a closed fist cannot escape.

Because of the monkey’s refusal to let go of the morsel, it found itself captured and at the mercy of the hunter. I see myself in the monkey.

Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, instructs us on the benefits of living a generous life. On the flip side, it also spells out the consequences of greed and selfishness.

2022 has been declared as a year of generosity at Immanuel. Let us break free from the mine, mine, mine rut and let go of the blessing God has given us and give our time, talent, and resources back to Him and watch Him open the blessings of heaven and pour them upon us.