I write this column on a snowy single digit morning in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I spent some time reflecting on the past seven years, but more specifically the past few months. Gratefulness wells up inside. Gratefulness to God and for the people I affectionately call Immanuelites. Your, both God and you, generosity overwhelms me. I give you a generous thank you for all you do for God, Immanuel, and the Shultz family. It is a privilege and honor to be called your Pastor.

One thing I know for sure: The evil one did not want Immanuel to open a new campus. From the beginning, he attempted to place wedges of dissension in the working relationships that were vital for this mission to be accomplished.

We had our Sanballat’s (Nehemiah 4). Three families in the Zion and Village companies faced cancer diagnoses, surgery, or treatment. We lost one subcontractor in the most important week of his work. We also experienced that little global pandemic that took us from a surplus to a deficit. Yet God is faithful, and we opened on our projected night: Christmas Eve.

There is still much to do, much to learn, and a large curve in that learning. It requires generosity in two major areas for us: PATIENCE AND FORGIVENESS. Knowing Immanuel the way I do, you will excel.