Meteorologist or weathermen (as they were called in the day) are fond of the phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger.” What they are saying is I just report the weather, I am not responsible for it.

Most of the time we love the people who deliver things. The sight of a FED-EX, Amazon or UPS guy pulling into the driveway brings a sense of excitement.

The USPS jeep doesn’t always bring the same excitement.  Sometimes they are the bearers of news we would rather not get such as bills, jury duty and even traffic citations (so I have heard from others).

When Epaphroditus walked into a room the people were excited to see him. He was a messenger or think ancient Amazon delivery person. He brought comfort to the afflicted, strength for the weak and hope for the hopeless.

He was the delivery guy for Paul while on house arrest in Rome. His delivery brought needed supplies and resources for Paul to carry out God’s call on his life. That made him a sight for sore eyes to the beleaguered apostle. Even on his trip back E-Paph was the messenger of some great news that affects us even today.

I wonder, how do people feel when you, and I walk into a room. Do we bring good news, or can we detect a sigh and groan that says, “Oh no, not _________” Let’s all carry good news for others wherever and whenever we walk into a room.