The weapons of military battle have changed throughout history. Wars were once fought with soldiers’ feet on the ground and sharp points at the tips of spears. Today, they are waged with drones guided by joysticks carrying explosive devices.

The most effective weapons of Spiritual Warfare have not changed throughout history. The strategies for their use and deployment have changed, but the weapons have not. The two most effective weapons in
Spiritual Warfare are staying in constant contact with the Commander through conversation, and immersing oneself in the field manual. The church words are prayer and scripture.

I am also becoming more and more aware that the best way to communicate with the Commander is in the presence of and with other like-minded soldiers.

It is when we are with others that we are best encouraged, best challenged, and also grow and get in the best spiritual shape possible.

Proverbs tells us that when iron rubs up against iron they both get sharper. It is the same with people, when we rub shoulders with each other we become sharper and it causes growth. The skilled predator doesn’t attack the herd, it attacks the one who is struggling in isolation.

WAR ROOM is designed to help fight this battle in community and not in isolation, because ISOLATION IS TERMINAL.