Just a few of the questions we will shed Biblical light upon during the “Forever” series:

• What does the Resurrection do?
• What is eternal life?
• What are the two most important letters in “FOREVER?”
• What happens when we die?
• What are eternal rewards?
• Will we know each other?
• Will we have bodies?
• What will we do?
• Why are there two “judgments?”
• Will there be animals?
• Why Why won’t there be marriage?

We will offer Biblical insight to these and other questions in the series. Every one of us will “change neighborhoods” it will be good for us to know what the Bible says will happen. For those who know Jesus, it will be very exciting.


On Sunday, April 11, immediately following the 11:00 AM worship service, we will hold a special called business meeting for the purpose of authorizing Deanna Leady to sign loan documents as the representative for the trustees.

Honored to be your Pastor,