Not only is June 6 the day we kick off the summer of 2021 with our picnic; it is also the day we will begin to follow the guidance of the CDC and the Governor.

According to the Governor, there is no longer a mask mandate in the state of Maryland. The CDC has also lifted the mask wearing guidance. While it is not a requirement, both the state and CDC have “strongly recommended” that people who are not vaccinated continue to wear a mask, but people who are fully vaccinated can feel free to drop the mask.

As we reach this date we all have longed for, let us remember there will be people who will still wear a mask. That is OK. There will be people who will take off the mask. That is OK.

We will love, respect, and accept each person’s decision as it relates to the wearing of masks.

Also, remember the guidance of scripture when we are challenged to think of others before ourselves, to think of others as more important than ourselves, and while everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial.

June 6 is officially kick-off and take-off day and the day we demonstrate our love, respect, and acceptance of each other.