The end of one journey leads to another one. The wise men journeyed to Bethlehem, then went home a different way on a brand-new journey. The shepherds journeyed to the manger as lowly midnight workers and left as messengers of the greatest event in history. Mary and Joseph’s journey before Bethlehem was to prepare for Jesus’ birth. After Bethlehem they were to prepare for his death.

What about your journey to Bethlehem? How have you been transformed? What did you learn? What is different about your life now that you have been in the presence of the King?

Immanuel has also been on a seven-year journey. The journey from 5050 to 5041 has taken seven years. It has taken us seven years to walk about a ¼ of a mile. God needed to teach and show us a lot in that time span.

What have your learned in these last seven years? About yourself? About God? Our presence at 5041 Bucks Schoolhouse Road marks the beginning of a new journey. What lessons learned and character revealed will you bring with you for this new journey?

In the words of Steven Curtis Chapman: “Saddle up your horses (Immanuel) we’ve got a trail to blaze.”